Your Self Storage Questions Answered

A common questions we hear is "Self Storage? How do I do I get started?" Many people find it difficult to know exactly how to prepare their boxes, how to fully utilize their space, how to stack boxes and belongings, and how to label and catalog items. Below you'll find some great ways to keep all you stuff accessible, clean and orderly.


Step 1 Use all of the space vertically too


Almost all our units are at least eight feet tall, so you'll be able to stack stack stack. Stacking is important. Just remember to stack heavier belongings on the bottom and lighter stuff on top of it. You don't want grandmas china pole vaulting over the classic car. Pro tip: Use packing paper to fill boxes (take pictures and do inventory before though); this helps to keep the contents stable.

Step 2 Leave a Walkway

Make sure you have a way to access your belongings at the back of your storage space. We can guarantee you'll be back to find that toaster or that one toy that your child simply cannot live without! Granted, that same toy hasn't been touched in at least six months, but hey what 3 year old is counting months?

Step 3 Conserve space if you can

Do the legs come off that couch or sofa? Do the legs come off that table? That mattress, can it be placed on its end? Can that chest of drawers be put on its side to make a different shape to fit more stuff? Can you store old clothes in the washing machine on put them in the chest of drawers? 

Step 4 Take pictures of the boxes, then, label them, and write up an inventory

You'll be surprised how quickly you forget what you put into the space, much less where in the world it is. Take a picture from the top of the box, then clearly label your boxes, and write up a separate inventory of all the items in the boxes as well as the storage unit. Sure it can be a little tedious, but you'll truly be happy when you need to get something in storage. - Note: Placing special or valuable pieces in the back of the unit, will ensure a little extra peace of mind for security.

Step 5 Box labels should face the aisle

It turns out that you'll need a space to walk in to when you come back and need something in isle two. Clean ups from boxes accidentally getting moved, or messing up your inventory sheet. All of that can make you mad and waste valuable time.

Cleaning later, you ain't got time for that!

We provide you with a fantastic experience with your storage unit. However, we cannot be responsible for the water bed that decided to pop while in storage getting all your boxes drenched. Also you might want to think about not storing water beds in any storage facility. Just remember to keep your place tidy, making sure your stuff has dust covers if they're going to be there for a while, and seal those boxes. You'll be glad you did.